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Cohort 10 Stepping-Up Technology Implementation

University of Kansas, Lawrence

Making it Happen: Stepping up Implementation of IGDI Technology to Improve Data-based Decision Making for Infants and Toddlers with or at Risk for Disabilities

The purpose of this project, based in the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, is to develop a science-based framework with web-based tools to support large-scale implementation of infant and toddler individual growth and development indicators (IGDIs). These are short (six-minute) observational assessments for universal screening, progress monitoring, and decision making in the early childhood domains of language, literacy, social development, problem solving, and movement. IGDIs provide the wide array of early childhood service providers (e.g., home visitors, early interventionists, and personnel working in Part C or other programs) with tools to identify children who need greater intensity of services, to monitor individual children’s progress toward meaningful outcomes, and to use data for intervention and program decision making and accountability.

During the project the following resources will be developed to support scale-up and high- fidelity implementation of IGDIs:

IGDI Readiness Evaluation

Revised website and data system

Social networking presence

IGDI Web-based Implementation Advisor,

Protocol for implementation teams

Mobile IGDI app

Trainer of trainer professional development modules.

The result of this project will be an improved infrastructure supporting usability with links to statewide longitudinal data systems.

Short-term outcomes are expected to include more timely and efficient referrals for early intervention (Part C) services. Long-term outcomes should be a greater proportion of children demonstrating the skills (language, literacy, social, and problem solving) needed for success in PreK–12.

Contact Information

Dr. Jay Buzhardt
Principal Investigator
Juniper Gardens Children’s Project
University of Kansas


Dr. Charles Greenwood
Co-Principal Investigator
Juniper Gardens Children’s Project
University of Kansas



Dr. Dale Walker
Co-Principal Investigator
Juniper Gardens Children’s Project
University of Kansas



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