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Tiered Approaches for Improving Outcomes for English Learners
in Primary Grades

In September 2011, OSEP funded the fifth cohort of Model Demonstration Projects. Cohort 5 consists of three projects focusing on tiered approaches for improving reading and language outcomes for English learners (ELs). These projects developed and implemented approaches for administering effective, culturally responsive interventions and for identifying ELs with or at risk of having a disability.

Features of these models include the following:

Appropriate research-based reading instruction and interventions for ELLs

Culturally responsive teaching strategies and principles

Professional development and strategic coaching for teachers

Progress monitoring and screening

Data based decisionmaking.

Cohort 5 Presentations and Briefs

Cohort 5 Grantees:

University of Texas at Austin, Project ELITE (Dr. Gregory Roberts and Dr. Sharon Vaughn)

University of Texas at Austin, Project ESTRE2LLA (Dr. Alba Ortiz and Dr. Sylvia Linan-Thompson)

University of Colorado at Boulder, Project REME (Dr. Janette Klingner, Dr. John Hoover, and Dr. Lucinda Soltero- González)

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