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Tertiary Behavior Intervention Models for Elementary and Middle Schools

In January 2007, OSEP funded the second cohort of Model Demonstration Projects. Cohort 2 consisted of three projects focusing on tertiary behavior interventions within a school-wide model of positive behavior supports for children who were not responsive to universal and secondary-level interventions. Features of these models included:

School-wide intensive positive behavior support approach guided by a three-tiered prevention model

Individualized function-based behavior support for children who exhibited the most challenging behaviors and had not been responsive to primary or secondary prevention efforts

Emphasis on collecting and using data for decisionmaking

Systematic strategies for professional development

Technical assistance for improving student behavior to help schools promote student learning and other positive outcomes

Cost-effective and efficient process for school districts to implement and sustain.

Implementation of cohort 2 models began in 2007 and concluded in 2010.

Cohort 2 Grantees

University of Kansas and Illinois PBIS Network (Dr. Wayne Sailor and Dr. Lucille Eber)

The University of Washington (Dr. Carol Davis and Dr. Ilene Schwartz)

The University of Oregon (Dr. Cynthia Anderson)