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Cohort 8 Stepping Up Technology Implementation

George Mason University, College of Education and Human Development

Project WeGotIT!

Project WeGotIT! (Writing Efficiently with Graphic Organizers - Teachers Integrating Technology) aims to use computer-based graphic organizers (CBGOs) with embedded self-regulation strategies in order to improve writing literacy across the curriculum for students with high-incidence disabilities (learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and Asperger Syndrome) in low-performing upper elementary and middle schools grades (6th-8th).

The project aims to:

Support teachers' integration of CBGOs with embedded self-regulation strategies through effective learner-centered professional development

Use CBGOs with embedded self-regulation strategies to improve multiple genre essay writing (e.g., persuasive, narrative, expository) in language arts, science, and social studies by students with high-incidence disabilities.

Project personnel will work with the assistive and instructional technology tools used by the partnering LEAs to support student writing (e.g., Draft:Builder, Inspiration, Word Art in Microsoft Word, etc.).

Products and resources for effective technology implementation will be developed and tested by the project (e.g., web-based professional development modules, lesson plans, CBGO templates, demonstration videos).

A series of research studies will be conducted to determine the feasibility of effective implementation of the technology and the impact on teacher practice (e.g., teacher attitudes, quality of delivery, etc.) and student learning outcomes (e.g., writing quality, length of writing, student attitudes, etc.).

Instructional materials will be disseminated through manuscripts, conference presentations, and a project website.

Contact Information

Dr. Anna Evmenova
Principal Investigator
George Mason University


Dr. Kelley Regan
Co-Principal Investigator
George Mason University

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