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Cohort 8 Stepping Up Technology Implementation

University of Massachusetts at Boston, Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI)

Future Quest Island

Future Quest Island is an engaging online standards-based curriculum tool created for teachers of middle school students with disabilities. The primary purpose of Future Quest Island is to align 21st century skills with college and career readiness goals through self-awareness, self-knowledge, transition planning, and various other teaching and learning activities. Created in partnership with middle school special educators, Future Quest Island is comprised of sections (referred to as island explorations) that meet a variety of curriculum goals and objectives.

Use of Future Quest Island will allow middle school youth with disabilities to:

Recognize and identify their academic strengths and desires

Explore and prioritize college and career options

Become more familiar with online safety

Develop increased social skills

Access digital educational resources

Collect and organize digital materials to construct an ePortfolio (digital portfolio of students’ best work).

Contact Information

Debra Hart
Principal Investigator
University of Massachusetts


Lori Cooney
Project Coordinator
University of Massachusetts


Meg Grigal
Transition Coach
University of Massachusetts


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